Sara+ 18; i would sell my brother for pizza and bands
[Anonymous] said:
" No I'm not doing anything, what's up? *grins* ~ Mikey "

I’m home alone and I’m bored. Can i come over, pleaseee? *grins*

[Anonymous] said:
" *grins, seeing your name on my phone* Hey babe how are you? ~ Mikey "

Hiiii *smiles* I’m good, what are you doing? Are you busy?

we’re literally doing nothing in class like we can use our phones and do whatever

[Anonymous] said:
" yeah let's skip forward :) x ~ Mikey anon "

(okay:) )
*3 months later* *calls you*

[Anonymous] said:
" *leans against the counter* so.... what do you want to do? ~ Mikey "

I don’t know… *stands if font of you* Did you have anything in mind?
(should we like skip ahead a bit? idk)


Raise your hand if you’re straddling the line between crippling anxiety and not giving any fucks about anything


baby come back 2 me in my heart i still believe 

[Anonymous] said:
" *grins* *picks my bowl up and takes it to the sink* are you finished? *points at your bowl* ~ Mikey "

Mhm *smiles and pick up my bowl, putting it in the sink*

[Anonymous] said:
" *shakes my head* *chuckles* No you look beautiful ~ Mikey (you're welcome :D I just want to help :D) "

*blushes* Thank you *smiles*

[Anonymous] said:
" thats okay :) i just thought it would be easier :) I understand though :) if you ever really need to talk just send me a message :) x ~ Mikey anon "

Thank you :) you’re a really great person, I hope you know that. And if it ever gets bad, I’ll message you xx

[Anonymous] said:
" *grins* hmmm... you ~ Mikey "

Why? *chuckles* Do I look funny? Oh my god I have bed hair I haven’t even looked at myself in the mirror this morning *starts to run my fingers through my hair*

i’d know who you are though? idk how that whole mikey anon thing would work then plus i don’t want you to go away bc you make my day when you’re on

[Anonymous] said:
" *silently eats my breakfast* *smiles at you* ~ Mikey "

What are you smiling at? *smiles*

[Anonymous] said:
" Hey I'm here! I just saw your post :) If you need to vent I'm here xx ~ Mikey anon "

Thank you. I’m really upset bc this girl that’s supposed to be my friend made fun of me when i told her about my panic attack bc i wanted some adive and yeah… xx



doesn’t luke have this kind of underwear..?

he does